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Customs Procedures

Passengers entering and departing Thailand via an international airport shall be aware of Customs laws and regulations. The Customs Department provides Customs services to passengers who enter and depart Thailand from Don Mueang International Airport, which consist of Customs services for arriving passengers and those for departing passengers as follows:

Customs procedures for arriving passengers

The Customs Department offers Customs services to passengers travelling through Thailand based on international standards and facilitation of service principles of the World Customs Organization. The Customs has implemented a two channel system which is

  1. Nothing to Declare Channel or Green Channel for passengers who do not have dutiable goods or prohibited/controlled items and
  2. Goods to Declare Channel or Red Channel for passengers who carry dutiable goods, prohibited/controlled items or those uncertain whether their belongings are dutiable or prohibited items.

Exemptions of Customs duties for passengers’ belongings

  • Personal effects must be in an appropriate amount for personal use with the total aggregate value not exceeding 20,000 Baht (not prohibited/controlled items or supplies)
  • Items for personal or professional use which are bought from Duty Free shops at an airport with the total amount of taxes not exceeding 20,000 Baht
  • Household effects which are brought into the country by a traveler due to residential movement from another country must be purchased from Duty Free shops at an airport and the total amount of taxes must not exceed 50,000 Baht
  • No more than 200 cigarettes or tobacco not exceeding 250 grams, or the total weight of both types not exceeding 250 grams. If the amount exceeds the allowance, please contact the Customs officers at the Red Channel
  • No more than 1 liter of wine or spirits

Exemptions of Customs duties for passengers’ belongings

  • Dutiable items are items brought into the country which exceed the amount for personal use and/or exceed the total amount of 20,000 Baht, items used for commercial or trading purposes or have trademarks
  • In case the total aggregate value of a passenger’s belonging exceeds 80,000 Baht, the passenger is required to declare such item to the Customs officers by submitting a passenger declaration form for Customs formalities
  • Prohibited items are items which are not allowed to be imported into or exported from the country namely drugs, pornographic materials or obscene literature, pirated goods, counterfeit banknotes or coins, or protected wild animals. Those in violation of the laws related to drugs such as having and holding, holding for use, or being a producer, seller, or transporter are subject to death penalty
  • Controlled items are some items which are controlled by laws for importing into or exporting from the country. To import or export restricted/controlled items requires a permit with written authorization from the stated government agency in order to pass Customs formalities. For example,

* Buddha images, artifacts, antiques by the Fine Arts Department
* Firearms, ammunition, explosives by the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior
* Plants and other parts of plants by the Department of Agriculture
* Live animals and animal remains by the Department of Livestock Development or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation
* Food and drugs by the Food and Drugs Administration
* Vehicle parts by the Ministry of Industry
* Cigarette, tobacco, and alcohol by the Excise Department
* Radio communication devices and telecommunication equipments by the Office of Specific Business Licenses, Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission

Punishments for those who avoid the declaration of prohibited/controlled items

  • Prosecution, and/or confiscation if the Customs officers discover any dutiable goods
  • Prosecution, and/or confiscation of the prohibited/controlled items which do not have a proper documentation with written authorization
  • Most severe penalty : a fine amounting to 4 times the value of the goods plus duties and taxes and/or imprisonment for not more than 10 years, or both.

Currency declaration upon arrival

There is no limit on the amount of Thai currency which can be brought into Thailand. Foreign currencies, in banknotes or coins, with the total aggregate value exceeding USD 20,000 must be declared to the Customs officers at the Customs checkpoint. Failure to declare or incorrect declaration may result in criminal offense.

Customs Bond

Passengers with dutiable or controlled items which are not intended for use in Thailand must deposit them at the Customs Bond facility at the Airport Customs offices in which you arrive with the deposit duration of no more than 2 months. At the time of obtaining the bond, passengers are required to present the airline ticket to the third country and pay the related fees on the day of departure. Passengers can reclaim the items by informing the airline staff upon check-in.

Customs bond fees: weight of the package fee per day (Baht)

  1. Not exceeding 20 kg., 40 Baht
  2. More than 20 kg., 80 Baht
  3. More than 40 kg., 150 Baht

Remarks : Fractions of one day are rounded as one day

Obtaining Customs Bond: Documents to present

  1. Passport
  2. Boarding Pass
  3. Package tag with the same amount as the number of bonded packages
  4. Customs Bond form (Form 466)


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Temporary import of firearms into the country

Temporary import of firearms and ammunition which are carried with passengers into the country to secure the safety of a diplomat Import.

  • The Department of Provincial Administration (Firearm registrar) submits proper documentation to the Customs Department
  • Embassy officers present the security personnel along with a permit for firearm and ammunition import to the Customs officers
  • The Customs officers sign the release form
  • Embassy officers present the security personnel along with the weapons for Customs inspection
  • The Custom officers sign the release form and defer the account
  • Officers of the Airports of Thailand escort the security personnel onto the aircraft Remarks : Passengers who do not wish to bring their firearms or ammunition into the country can deposit them at the Customs bond facility and pay an appropriate fee.

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Import of firearms for sports purposes / temporary training

The Sports Authority of Thailand is responsible for the Customs temporary import procedures on behalf of the athletes. The documents required are:

  • List of athletes’ names
  • List of weapons and prices
  • warranty paper
  • temporary import permit
  • Customs officers examine the weapons and sign the release form
  • The Sports Authority of Thailand presents the weapons to the Customs officers for inspection
  • Customs officers examine and sign the release list; then defer the account and return the warranty paper
  • Deliver the weapons to AOT authorities in order to load them onto the aircraft.

More information regarding the Firearms, Ammunitions, Explosives, Fireworks and Firearm Replicas Act 1947


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Passengers bringing pets into the country

In case the pets travel as accompanied baggage

  • Passengers arrive at the airport, go through the Passport Control and collect their baggage and pets (dogs, cats)
  • Take the pets (dogs, cats) to request for the animal or animal remains import permit (R. 7) from the Animal Quarantine at the airport
  • Present the pets and the permit to the Customs officers at the Goods to Declare Channel along with additional proofs to present as follows:

* More information regarding the Firearms, Ammunitions, Explosives, Fireworks and Firearm Replicas Act 1947

  • Health Certificate and/or
  • Pedigree and/or
  • Other evidence which can prove ownership to be considered by the officers

Currency declaration upon departure

The amount of Thai Baht allowed to be brought outside the country must not exceed 50,000 Baht. With the exception for neighboring countries i.e. Thailand and Vietnam, the amount of Thai Baht allowed to be brought outside the country must not exceed 500,000 Baht.

Remarks: According to the Customs declaration no. 116/2013 effective on 14 November 2013, there has been a change regarding the amount of Thai currency being brought outside the country. That is, Thai currency, in banknotes or coins, with the total aggregate value of more than 450,000 Baht but not exceeding 2,000,000 Baht brought outside countries bordering Thailand, Vietnam and China (only Yunnan District) must be declared to the Customs officers at the Customs checkpoint. The currencies must be listed according to the form specified by the Customs Department.

Foreign currencies, in banknotes or coins, with the total aggregate value exceeding USD 20,000 or equivalent must be declared to the Customs officers at the Customs checkpoint.

Verification of goods for VAT Refund for Tourist

Customs officers at the Departure verify the goods requested for VAT refunds for passengers departing the country at the checkpoint located in the international departure hall before passengers proceed to airline check-in counters.

Documents for inspection by Customs

  1. Passport
  2. VAT Refund Application for Tourist form (P.P10)
  3. purchased goods for VAT refunds.

Jewelry, gold ornaments, watches, glasses, or pen, must be valued at least 10,000 Baht. After the Customs clearance procedures at the airport, tourists are required to carry the items to be once more inspected by the Revenue officers before receiving the VAT refunds.

Visitors entitled to a VAT refund must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You are a non-Thai resident and not staying in Thailand up to 180 days in a current tax year;
  2. You are not a pilot or a cabin crew of any airline departing Thailand on duty;
  3. You leave Thailand via an international airport.

Export and import of personal belongings

Passengers wishing to bring personal belongings on their trips, for example, watches, necklaces, rings, video cameras, cameras, radios, laptops, etc., with the intention to bring them back into the country, are exempted from tariffs under the condition that they present such items along with their boarding passes, passports and air tickets to the Customs officers at the Departure Customs office. The Customs officers will keep the record and give a copy of the record to passengers in order to present it to the Customs officers at the Red Channel upon their return to Thailand. The conditions are as follows:

  • The items have already been used and can be counted / in a reasonable value
  • There are serial numbers which can be easily identified

If passengers have items which are not personal belongings but which have the characteristics of commercial goods such as orchids or other belongings, please contact the Customs officers in advance for recommendations on Customs clearance procedures before departure.

Export of Buddha images outside the country

Antiques or artifacts, whether or not they have been registered, are prohibited to be exported or dispatched from Thailand, unless there is a permit from the Fine Arts Department’s director general according to the criteria, procedures and conditions specified in the ministerial regulations no. 5 in B.E. 2539 (1996).

In case the antiques or artifacts permitted to be exported or dispatched from Thailand are religious Buddha images or icons, the person who receives the permit must clarify the purpose of the export of such antiques or artifacts. Only Buddha and religious images which are intact and are for the purpose of worships, researches, or exhibitions are permitted to be exported or dispatched from Thailand. Export or dispatch of parts of such items is not allowed.

Purchases from Duty Free shops

Purchases of goods from Duty Free shops located in the city must be brought outside Thailand only. If such items are brought back into Thailand, passengers will be required to pay related duties or taxes at the red channel.

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